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Our Philosophy
"No one is great at anything without the mindset of greatness.  Some discuss greatness, some pursue greatness, and some obtain greatness, the difference is determination".  - Dedrick Warmack, the Trainer
For the last 22 years, Dedrick Warmack has been mentoring, counseling, and coaching youth.  After numerous tragedies that ultimately curtailed his NBA career, the youth has been his primary focus. Psychology in sports and behavior is where we will begin...

The Trainer LLC

Professional level athlete, looking to instill the mindset, fundamental skills and knowledge to basketball players. While considering myself to be the best Point Guard in the world at one point and being mentored by some of the NBA and College All Time Greats, I understood the mentality that separates the best from the rest.  

You can give me any youth with a strong work ethic and I can produce a top level athlete and individual. Top level athletes are competitive in every area of life. Whether it be academics, relationships, house chores, fashion or personal interests, the top always want to do their best and be the best.

I have to remind many people that scouts, coaches, colleges, AAU programs and others don’t know diddly about greatness. Greatness can be witnessed, but not predicted. The best athletes in every sport were written off and overlooked for other flash in the pan athletes.

Michael Jordan- received one D-1 College Scholarship offer, was cut from the Varsity team and was only the 3rd selection in the NBA Draft.

Tom Brady- 6th round draft pick considered to be too slow and too skinny to play quarterback.

Draymond Green- over 50 players picked before him, 2nd round Draft Pick.

Jerry Rice- Didn’t play football until he was in high school and was chased down by an Administrator. The administrator told a coach about him and Jerry was placed on the football team where he quickly caught on to the sport. Jerry received only a few college offers and went to Mississippi Valley State, a Division 1-AA school. 

Walter Payton- ran track and was in the school band his Freshman year of High School. Loved football but was concerned about his mother who worried about his older brother who played RB for the high school team. Was urged by the coach to try out for the team. Attended school in Mississippi and then attended a mostly black University at Jackson State University where he played with his brother.

So the greatest athletes of All Time in nearly every sport have come from nowhere, that’s where we start.

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