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 If you want to focus on your ball handling, post moves, rebounding, or any other skill, and want to do it either in a 1-on-1 or small group setting, Coach D has the workouts you need to improve in all these areas. 

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"No one is great at anything without the mindset of greatness.  Some discuss greatness, some pursue greatness, and some obtain greatness, the difference is determination".  - Dedrick Warmack, the Trainer

The Trainer LLC


The Trainer LLC

Knowledgeable Training Expertise
Each drill, task or exercise helps the player understand the function and benefits both mentally and physically. I help the client to understand the movements, muscles and mindset needed to improve and succeed in sports. I will introduce them to parts of the body (muscles, fibers, ligaments) that have laid dormant and once awakened and strengthened, will improve the player's performance. 

• Corporate Training
• Personal Training
• Elderly Training


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